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Dragon Master Fishing Review & Free Demo

Updated: Feb 19


JDB Dragon Master Fishing is a fish shooting game by JDB gaming, read our review and play Dragon Master Fishing demo game to discover how to win at Ecwon.

Embark on an exhilarating underwater adventure with Dragon Master, the latest 3D fish shooting game from JDB Gaming. This immersive gaming experience transcends traditional fish shooting games, introducing a captivating world where ferocious dragons replace mundane sea creatures.

As a skilled Dragon Master, you'll navigate through diverse game modes, strategically selecting weapons like the Boomerang and Explosive to enhance your dragon-hunting prowess.

The game's unique features, including T-Rex cooperation, Heavenly Blessing, and the suspenseful Wyvern Roulette, add layers of excitement and strategy. With the promise of grand prizes reaching up to 3600X, the journey to becoming the ultimate Dragon Master is both challenging and rewarding.

Table of Contents

Free Demo: Dragon Master Fishing

How to Play Dragon Master Fishing


Ecwon - Dragon Master - Interface - Ecwonofficial

Read through this section to learn how to play Dragon Master Fishing! You will learn about understanding the game mechanics, placing your bet and paylines and selecting the game room.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

Target Control (Auto Shoot)

In Dragon Master, mastering target control is crucial for a successful gameplay experience. The game features an auto-shoot mechanism that allows players to focus on strategy rather than manual shooting. Understanding how to effectively utilize auto-shoot ensures precise targeting and maximizes your chances of hitting valuable dragons.

Choose Weapon

One of the key mechanics in Dragon Master is the ability to choose your weapon. The game provides players with options like the Boomerang and Explosive. Each weapon comes with its own advantages, and knowing when to use them can significantly impact your hunting efficiency. Whether it’s the strategic Boomerang or the area-effect Explosive, selecting the right weapon is key to dominating the game.

Bet Adjustment

To optimize your gameplay, Dragon Master offers bet adjustment options. Players can control their bets to suit their strategy and risk tolerance. This dynamic feature allows for a personalized gaming experience, ensuring that both newcomers and experts can tailor their bets to their skill level and desired level of challenge.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines

Dragon Master introduces a unique betting system, offering three game modes: Newbie, Expert, and Royal. Each mode presents different challenges and rewards, catering to players with varying skill levels. Understanding how to place your bets according to your chosen mode is essential for maximizing your potential winnings.

Selecting the Game Room

The choice of game room in Dragon Master is a strategic decision that can influence your overall gaming experience. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn the ropes or an experienced player seeking greater challenges, selecting the right game room is crucial. Each room offers distinct dynamics and rewards, so choosing wisely will contribute to your success in the dragon-hunting adventure.

Game Features of Dragon Master Fishing

The game features of Dragon Master Fishing is really attractive, included Heavenly Blessing, T-Rex Hunting, Dragon Reward and so on. Let's dive in and checkout each of them below!

Heavenly Blessing

Ecwon - Dragon Master - Heavenly Blessing - Ecwonofficial

Dragon Master Fishing introduces the captivating feature of Heavenly Blessing. With every bullet striking a dragon, players have the chance to trigger this celestial bonus. Upon activation, players can select 1 or 3 red envelopes, each containing rewards ranging from 20 to an impressive 3600 times their bet. To enhance the gaming experience, increasing your bet level will unlock additional rewards through the coveted DRAGON ICON.

T-Rex Hunting

Ecwon - Dragon Master - T-Rex - Ecwonofficial

The adrenaline-pumping T-Rex feature adds an exciting twist to Dragon Master Fishing. When the T-Rex makes its appearance on the map, players can join forces in a cooperative hunt to determine who is the fastest and possesses the sharpest aim. The successful capture of the T-Rex brings rewards of 100 to 300 times the initial bet, creating a thrilling dynamic within the game until the T-Rex departs.

Dragon Reward

Ecwon - Dragon Master - Dragon Reward - Ecwonofficial

Embark on the quest for the elusive Bounty Dragon in Dragon Master Fishing. Landing shots on the Bounty Dragon presents an opportunity for players to earn a basic multiplier. A successful capture of the Bounty Dragon leads to even greater rewards, with a random multiplier ranging from 150 to 300 times, enhancing the excitement and strategic depth of the game.

Special Weapons - Boomerang and Explosive

Ecwon - Dragon Master - Special Weapon - Ecwonofficial

The arsenal in Dragon Master Fishing includes two unique special weapons: the Boomerang and Explosive. Activating the Boomerang transforms your weapon, offering precise shots at a cost of 6 times the bet per shot. On the other hand, the Explosive option switches your weapon to a range attack explosive, allowing you to bomb numerous dragons in the vicinity. Each explosion comes at a cost of 15 times the bet, offering players strategic choices to optimize their hunting approach.

Golden Dragon Egg Bonuses

Ecwon - Dragon Master - Golden Dragon Egg - Ecwonofficial

Breaking the Golden Dragon Egg is a pivotal moment in Dragon Master Fishing. Upon breaking the egg, players can obtain the DRAGON and WEAPONS ICON, each providing distinct advantages. The DRAGON ICON activates the Heavenly Blessing feature until the player exits the game, offering continuous blessings. Alternatively, receiving the WEAPONS ICON grants 10 free bullets, allowing players to strategically collect them by clicking on any dinosaur, further enhancing their firepower.

Wyvern Roulette

Ecwon - Dragon Master - Wyvern Roulette - Ecwonofficial

The grandeur of Dragon Master Fishing reaches its peak with the arrival of the Supreme Wyvern. Capturing the Supreme Wyvern triggers the Wyvern Roulette game, where players stand a chance to win impressive rewards ranging from 10 to an astounding 1500 times their bet. Consecutive strikes may even unlock successive Wyvern Roulettes, creating an exhilarating gameplay experience.


Advanced Techniques for Dragon Master Fishing

Apply our 9 advanced techniques below to win at Dragon Master Fishing, included Understanding Game Mechanics, Strategic Bet Placement and Paylines, Room Selection, Master the Dragon Reward Hunt and so on.

  1. Understanding Game Mechanics- Begin by internalizing the intricacies of the game. Master auto-shoot for precision, strategically choose between weapons (Boomerang and Explosive), and adjust bets according to your strategy and risk tolerance.

  2. Strategic Bet Placement and Paylines- Building on the knowledge of game mechanics, strategically place bets, and comprehend the diverse paylines. Tailor your approach by exploring the three game modes – Newbie, Expert, and Royal – each catering to different skill levels.

  3. Room Selection- The room you choose is more than just a backdrop; it profoundly influences your gaming experience. Align your room choice with your skill level and desired challenge, understanding that different rooms offer distinct dynamics and rewards.

  4. Heavenly Blessing- The Heavenly Blessing feature is a game-changer. Strategically trigger blessings by hitting dragons, selecting red envelopes for rewards, and maximizing bets to unlock additional DRAGON ICON rewards.

  5. T-Rex Cooperation- Embrace the cooperative spirit during T-Rex appearances. Team up with other players for more efficient hunting, introducing a friendly competitive element to the game.

  6. Master the Dragon Reward Hunt- Delve into the Dragon Reward mechanism. Target the Bounty Dragon for basic multipliers and strive for successful captures to unlock random multipliers ranging from 150 to 300 times.

  7. Strategic Use of Special Weapons- Leverage the Boomerang for precise shots and the Explosive for area-effect attacks. Understand the strategic cost of each weapon and employ them strategically based on the situation.

  8. Golden Dragon Egg Secrets- Unlock the secrets behind breaking the Golden Dragon Egg. Attain the DRAGON ICON for continuous Heavenly Blessing and strategically use the WEAPONS ICON to enhance firepower.

  9. Conquer with Wyvern Roulette- Cap off your strategy by aiming for the Supreme Wyvern capture. Trigger the Wyvern Roulette game and go for consecutive strikes to unlock successive roulettes for escalating rewards.

Best Online Casino for Dragon Master Fishing


Trusted Casino to play Dragon Master Fishing is Ecwon Casino. For an immersive Dragon Master Fishing experience, look no further than Ecwon Casino.

Renowned for its diverse selection of engaging online games, Ecwon Casino stands out as a premier destination for avid gamers.

The platform seamlessly integrates Dragon Master Fishing into its repertoire, offering players a seamless and thrilling gameplay environment. Ecwon Casino not only provides a secure and user-friendly interface but also ensures a seamless transition between different game modes and rooms.

The enticing bonuses and promotions further enhance the gaming journey, allowing players to extend their adventures and increase their chances of landing impressive rewards.


In conclusion, Dragon Master emerges as a captivating fusion of strategy and excitement in the realm of fish shooting games. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, diverse features, and the allure of hunting mythical dragons, the game provides a unique and immersive experience.

Whether cooperating to tackle the mighty T-Rex, strategically triggering Heavenly Blessings, or engaging in the thrill of Wyvern Roulette, players are in for a dynamic adventure.

Aspiring Dragon Masters can anticipate not only the satisfaction of conquering challenging levels but also the potential for substantial rewards, making Dragon Master a standout choice for those seeking a thrilling gaming escapade.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I experience Dragon Master Fishing before playing for real money?

To experience Dragon Master Fishing before committing real money, you can try the free demo available. This allows you to explore the game's mechanics and features without any financial risk.

2. What are the key game mechanics in Dragon Master Fishing?

3. How does the auto-shoot mechanism work in Dragon Master Fishing?

4. Can I choose my weapon in Dragon Master Fishing, and how does it impact gameplay?

5. What is the significance of bet adjustment in Dragon Master Fishing?

6. How does the Heavenly Blessing feature enhance the gaming experience?

7. What is T-Rex Cooperation in Dragon Master Fishing?

8. How does the Dragon Reward mechanism work in Dragon Master Fishing?

9. Can you explain the strategic use of special weapons, Boomerang and Explosive?

10. Why is Ecwon Casino recommended as the best online casino for Dragon Master Fishing?

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