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Introduction to Baccarat Live Casino Game

Updated: Feb 13


Experience Baccarat as a Live Casino Game. Discover how to play Baccarat and understanding Baccarat Rules. Get your free bonus right here!

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an experienced player seeking to refine your strategies, this article is your ultimate resource. Baccarat is a captivating casino game that combines elements of chance and skill, making it a favorite among players worldwide.

In this guide, we will walk you through the rules of the game, explore its captivating features, provide tips on how to secure those winning hands, and recommend a top-notch online casino where you can put your newfound knowledge to the test.

Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of Baccarat and unlock the secrets to success!

Table of Contents


The Origins of Baccarat

Originating in Italy, Baccarat quickly gained popularity as a poker game in the 19th century. Its main appeal lies in its simplicity and straightforward gameplay, making it easy to understand and calculate.

Today, live baccarat games take this classic card game to new heights, immersing players in an authentic casino environment through cutting-edge technology.

Playing Live Dealer Baccarat

Read through this section to learn how to play Baccarat! You will learn about Card Values, Instant Winner and Wager Options.

  1. Card Values: Aces count as 1 point, cards 2 to 9 retain their face value, and 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth zero. If the total sum equals ten, it counts as zero. The hand closest to 9 wins.

  2. Instant Winner: If either the Banker or the Player receives a total of 8 or 9 in their initial hand, they are declared an “Instant Winner” and the game concludes without the need for a third card.

  3. Wager Options: There are 9 different wager options available:

    • Banker: You bet that the Banker’s hand will be closer to 9 than the Player’s hand.

    • Player: You bet that the Player’s hand will be closer to 9 than the Banker’s hand.

    • Tie: You wager that both the Banker and Player hands will have an equal count.

    • Banker Pair: You predict that the Banker’s starting hand will have the same value or letter.

    • Player Pair: You predict that the Player’s starting hand will have the same value or letter.

    • Either Pair: You anticipate that either the Banker’s or Player’s starting hand will have the same value or letter.

    • Perfect Pair: You predict that either the Banker’s or Player’s starting hand will have the same suit and value, or the same suit and letter.

    • Big: You place this bet when your hand consists of 5 or 6 cards.

    • Small: You place this bet when your hand consists of 4 cards.

4. Third Card Rules: After the starting hand is dealt, a third card may be dealt according to specific rules.


How to Win Baccarat

You can follow our simple 4 tips below to secure big win at Baccarat, included Bet on the Banker, Manage Your Bankroll, Avoid the Tie Bet and Take Breaks.

Bet on the Banker

Statistically, the Banker bet has a slightly higher chance of winning compared to the Player bet. Although both bets pay even money, keep in mind that the casino charges a commission on winning Banker bets (usually 5%).

Despite the commission, the Banker bet remains more favorable due to its lower house edge. It’s advisable to capitalize on the Banker bet for consistent wins in the long run.

Manage Your Bankroll

As with any gambling endeavor, effective bankroll management is crucial in Baccarat. Set a budget for your session and stick to it. Determine the amount you’re willing to risk and avoid chasing losses.

It’s wise to divide your bankroll into smaller units and bet within your means. This approach will help you maintain control over your finances and enjoy the game responsibly.

Avoid the Tie Bet

Although the Tie bet offers enticing payout odds, it’s generally considered a risky wager due to its significantly higher house edge. The likelihood of a Tie occurring is relatively low, and the higher payout does not justify the increased risk.

It’s advisable to steer clear of the Tie bet and focus on the Banker or Player bets for better odds of success.

Take Breaks

Playing Baccarat for extended periods can lead to fatigue and clouded judgment. Remember to take regular breaks during your gaming session.

Stepping away from the table allows you to refresh your mind and make more informed decisions. Take the time to relax, recharge, and return to the game with a clear mindset.

Best Online Casino for Baccarat


Trusted Casino to play Baccarat is Ecwon Live Casino. This online casino offers a wide range of Baccarat variations, generous bonuses, secure payment options, and a user-friendly interface.

Ecwon provides a seamless and immersive gaming experience, ensuring you can enjoy Baccarat from the comfort of your own home.

Employing cutting-edge encryption technology, the platform safeguards players' personal and financial data. Moreover, it functions with an active license while upholding stringent regulatory benchmarks, guaranteeing equitable gameplay and transparent proceedings on Ecwon Casino.


With its straightforward gameplay and thrilling features, Baccarat remains a captivating casino game that attracts players from around the world.

By understanding the rules, leveraging smart betting strategies, and managing your bankroll effectively, you can increase your chances of winning big in Baccarat.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a captivating casino game that combines chance and skill. It originated in Italy and gained popularity in the 19th century. Today, live baccarat games offer an immersive experience through cutting-edge technology.

2. How is Live Dealer Baccarat played?

3. What are the card values in Baccarat?

4. What happens if a player gets 8 or 9 in their initial hand?

5. What are the wager options in Baccarat?

6. Are there specific rules for dealing a third card?

7. How can I increase my chances of winning in Baccarat?

8. Why is it advisable to bet on the Banker in Baccarat?

9. Is effective bankroll management important in Baccarat?

10. Where can I play Baccarat online?

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