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Introduction to Andar Bahar Live Casino Game

Updated: Feb 13


Experience Andar Bahar as a Live Casino Game. Discover how to play Andar Bahar and understanding game rules and payouts. Get your free bonus right here!

Andar Bahar is also known as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae, is a beloved Indian gambling game with its roots in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

It’s a game of pure chance, where the dealer places a card face up, and players bet on either Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). The game gains popularity in Indian online casinos in the 21st century.

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How To Play Andar Bahar & Game Rules

The game’s simplicity is one of its charms. A single deck of 52 cards is used, and the odds of winning are 50/50.

Players choose between Andar (left) and Bahar (right), predicting where a card identical to the chosen card will appear. It’s that straightforward!

The Lists of Point Andar Bahar Rules

To enhance your understanding, here are some essential rules:

  • A single 52-card deck is used.

  • Two main bets are Andar and Bahar.

  • Before the first card is dealt, side bets can be made on its attributes.

  • The dealer places the first card in the middle, known as the “Middle Card.”

  • Players may then make Andar or Bahar wagers.

  • The dealer deals cards alternately until a match with the Middle Card.

  • If the total cards dealt afterward is odd, Andar wins; if even, Bahar wins.

Andar Bahar Placing Bets

When playing Andar Bahar online, you can place bets ranging from as low as ₹10 to as high as ₹10,000. Choose a game or live casino table that suits your budget and preferences.

Additional Side Bets

In some online Andar Bahar games, additional side bets are allowed, adding more excitement to the gameplay. Players can bet against the dealer’s cut card, predict its suit or rank, and more.


Winning Odds in Andar Bahar

Payouts depend on whether the matching card appears on the same side as the initial card, as well as the card’s color and location. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Matching card on the same side: Payout 90%.

  • Matching card on the opposite side: Payout 100%.

Basic Bet:

  • Andar (Matching card on the same side): Payout 1.9x, Odds 51.5%.

  • Bahar (Matching card on the opposite side): Payout 2x, Odds 48.5%.

Bet on Cards Dealt:

  • 1-5 Cards Dealt: Payout 3.5x, Odds 23.81%.

  • 6-10 Cards Dealt: Payout 4.5x, Odds 21.7%.

  • 11-15 Cards Dealt: Payout 5.5x, Odds 16.9%.

  • 16-25 Cards Dealt: Payout 4.5x, Odds 21.8%.

  • 26-30 Cards Dealt: Payout 15x, Odds 6.09%.

  • 31-35 Cards Dealt: Payout 25x, Odds 3.69%.

  • 36-40 Cards Dealt: Payout 50x, Odds 1.89%.

  • 41 or More Cards Dealt: Payout 120x, Odds 0.79%.

Joker Card Bets:

  • Below 8: Payout 2x, Odds 46.15%.

  • Above 8: Payout 2x, Odds 46.15%.

  • 8: Payout 12x, Odds 7.69%.

  • Suit (♣️, ♦️, ♥️, or ♠️): Payout 3.8x, Odds 25%.

  • Color (Red or Black): Payout 1.9x, Odds 50%.

These payouts and odds give you an idea of what you can expect when playing Andar Bahar with different betting options.

Please note that these odds and payouts may vary depending on the specific rules and variations of the game you are playing.

Key Terms of Andar Bahar

The simplicity of Andar Bahar is one of its appeals, with no complicated terminology to remember. Players only need to understand two key terms:

  • Andar: Refers to the left betting spot, meaning “inside” in Hindi.

  • Bahar: Refers to the right betting spot, meaning “outside” in Hindi.

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In conclusion, Andar Bahar is a thrilling Indian gambling game that combines simplicity and excitement.

With straightforward rules, various betting options, and the chance to win big, it’s no wonder why it’s gaining popularity in online casinos across India. So, try your luck, place your bets, and enjoy the thrill of Andar Bahar today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Andar Bahar, and where does it originate?

Andar Bahar, also known as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae, is a popular Indian gambling game with roots in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

2. How do you play Andar Bahar, and what are the game rules?

3. What are the essential rules of Andar Bahar?

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7. What are the key terms in Andar Bahar that players need to understand?

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9. What sets Ecwon Casino apart as the best choice for Andar Bahar players?

10. Why is Andar Bahar gaining popularity in Indian online casinos?

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